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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

What PAP has done since last election.....

Government to increase GST from 3% to 5% despite bad economy in 2001.

Government increase Public Transport fees wef 1 Jul 2002.

A contradiction in reducing CPF for housing payment and at the same time reduce 20% to 10% for initial pay up to buy condo. Aug 2002

Increase fees of hospital. Sept 2002

Increasing loan % for car and number of years repayment up to 10 years. Jan 2003

Government insists reduction of wages despite bad time by reducing their own by 10%. Ironically, no effort has been made to reduce the standard of living for average Singaporeans. May 2003

Increase of school fees. May 2003.

Lecturers investigation reveals the 3 out of 4 jobs given to foreigners. July 2003 (MOM retaliate immediately the next few days).

Proposed cut of CPF to 33% (eventually to 30%) and increase restriction to CPF conditions despite increasing GST to 5% the following year. August 2003

$5.00 manufacturing cost on EZLink cards to be absorbed by commuters. Nov 2003

Conflicts between ALPA-S and SIA Management. Government order pilots to quit fight. Dec 2003

Workshop claim NTUC Income insurance delays and underpay them for accident repairs. Dec 2003

Cancellation of bus service when the North-East MRT line is up. Thereby leaving resident with no alternative but to use a more expensive mode of transport. Dec 2003

SIA and Temasek Holdings own 60% of Tiger Airline to rival other budget airline business. Dec 2003

LTA requires public to pay S$1300 to retain old car plates for 2nd hand car. Dec 2003

High income earners to pay more when opt for lower class ward. Ironically, there does not appear to be an increase in the subsidies for the lower income earners. Mar 2004

Change in legislations to make use of funds in reserves for government and GLC less transparent. April 2004

Lax in laws for foreigners to purchase land in Singpaore. Aug 2004

Increase in the premier of Medishield despite revcovery in economy. Aug 2004

Did badly in the aspect of recovering the economy of Singapore for year 2002, 2003, 2004. Evident can be seen from the increasing number of HDB loan defaulters and number of people who are unable to obtain loans from financial companies. Nov 2004

Fees increase for local universities and polytechnics despite full economy recovery. Dec 2004

PAP claim that Temasek had not used reserve for oversea business expansion but had not said anything about local businesses. Jan 2005

Allowing banks’ loan rates (eg. home mortgage) to be increased despite full economy recovery. Mar 2005

Although passport price has reduced by some $20, passport issued after 1 April 2005 will last only for 5 years instead of 10, an indirect increase in cost? Apr 2005

Build not 1 but 2 casinos and claims that it will enhance job prospect despite public concerns/disapproval to build casinos. Apr 2005

ERP Rates Up at 3 gantries to control traffic flow, when citizens questioned LTA why do they not consider lowering rates elsewhere instead. Apr 2005

Refuse to be more transparent with accounts of GICs (Government of Singapore Investment Corporation) despite urge by IMF. Apr 2005

Public transport rates up again despite recovery of economy. May 2005

Electronic Road Pricing timing to extend longer during weekends and into Saturday for Orchard and CTE. May 2005

Only 6 out of 33 food van owners still in business due to inflexibilities and restrictions on URA rule. Jun 2005

The NKF saga. Jul 2005

Dispute between residents of Hock Kee House and LTA. Aug 2005

Police probed on “white elephant” cutout outside Buangkok MRT. Sept 2005

Exit permit age reduced from 16 years old to 13 years old for male residents that need to leave Singapore for more than 3 months. Apr 2006

Monday, April 24, 2006


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Disturbing Post found on SDP website

PAP's Broken Promises

Shared prosperity a cornerstone 12 Jan 06

During elections:

"Shared prosperity will remain a cornerstone of our New Singapore."
- PM Goh Chok Tong, Straits Times, Oct 20, 2001

After elections:

"A Department of Statistics (DOS) report last year showed income inequality has crept up over the years. Overall, average monthly incomes have risen: from $3,076 in 1990 to $4,943 in 2000. But incomes at the top rose, while incomes at the bottom declined. In 2000, incomes for the top 10 per cent of resident households grew 8.8 per cent, while incomes for the bottom 10 per cent of wage-earning households shrank 13.6 per cent. This shrinkage would have been even greater - 54.1 per cent - if households with no wage earners had been included. The Gini coefficient - which measures income disparity in a society - hovered around 0.44 in the 1990s, but expanded to 0.481 in 2000, showing a rising income gap."
- Chua Mui Hoong, political columnist, Straits Times, Aug 4, 2003

"If we want to have successful entrepreneurs, Singaporeans have to accept a greater income disparity between the successful and the not so successful."
- SM Lee Kuan Yew, Ho Rih Hwa public lecture, Feb 5, 2002

Choose PAP and Singapore still weaker 11 Dec 05

During elections:

"Choose wrongly, and Singapore will be weaker. People will start writing new reports about us, about how, after all, we are just a flash in the pan."
- DPM Lee Hsien Loong, Straits Times, Oct 22, 2001

After elections:

"Singapore is Asia's weakest economy: Barclays." - AFP, Jun 18, 2002
"Singapore among Asia's laggards as recession deepens." - Bloomberg, Jan 2 ,2002
"Glory of Singapore fades into the past." - Age, Melbourne, Jan 24 ,2002
"Singapore is trying to halt slippage." - New York Times, Apr 30, 2002
"In Singapore: Government squanders savings." - New Zealand Herald, May 18, 2002
"Economic doubts dog Singapore." - Financial Times, Aug 27, 2002
"Singapore faces jobless surge." - BBC, Sept 13, 2002
"Singapore concedes economy weakening, delays pension repairs." - AFP, Nov 17, 2002
"Whither Singapore Inc?" - Economist, Nov 28, 2002
"Singapore economy to remain sluggish" - Financial Times, Jan 3, 2003
"Singapore economy stagnates, recession risks loom." - Reuters, Apr 10, 2003
"Bad debts up as Singapore falters." - Reuters, Jul 31, 2003

First we lead, then we follow 8 Nov 05

During elections:

"You look at all the countries around us...Currencies collapsed, property prices ces collapsed, unemployment, economies slowing down, riots, clashes between people. Singapore did not go through that mangle. Why? Because in Singapore, we had a competent government in charge, anticipating events."
- SM Lee Kuan Yew on the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis, Straits Times, Nov 1 2003

After elections:

"In a global economy, we are not trendsetters. We follow what others do."
- Minister and labour chief Lim Boon Heng, Straits Times, Jul 2003

"Data released by the Ministry of Manpower last week was by far the bleakest to date. Eight straight quarters of job losses and a staggering 24,800 jobs wiped out over the April to June period - more in a single quarter than in all of 1998, the peak of Asia's infamous financial crisis."
- The Edge, Aug 4, 2003

"Singaporeans are also the most pessimistic about their future income. In the Asia-Pacific region, only the Japanese are less confident than Singaporeans about the outlook for regular income. These are among the findings of MasterCard International's latest biannual survey of consumer confidence in 13 markets around the region."
- The Edge, Aug 4, 2003

Unite behind PAP for a secure future and a better life? Yeah right...
17 Oct 05

During elections:

"A people united - Secure Future, Better Life."
- PAP election manifesto

"Vote for my PAP team. a people united behind a good government is your best guarantee of a secure future and a better life."
- PM Goh Chok Tong, Straits Times, Oct 28, 2001

After elections:

"Bankruptcy cases at 17 year high."
- Straits Times, Jan 8, 2003

"Family violence on the rise, and counselors attribute it to the stress of job losses due to the economic downturn."
- Straits Times, Jan 28, 2002

"During the Asian Financial Crisis, 27,000 jobs were lost. That year the number of marital splits jumped by 16 per cent to 5,651. Last year a record number of 5,825 marriages ended in divorces and annulments - up sharply from 2,111 cases in 1982."
- Straits Times, Jun 8, 2003

"Hit by slowdown, young working adults are vulnerable to suicidal thoughts. More are calling SOS hotline for help...there were 361 suicides last year, nearly 17% more than 1999."
- Straits Times, June 15, 2003

Goh shows more understanding our concerns 27 Sep 05

During elections:

"Will you keep your job? Can your families cope with school expenses, medical bills, rent and utilities charges? I understand your worries."
- PM Goh Chok Tong, Straits Times, Oct 28, 2001 (A week earlier, Goh had said he understood our “concerns.” See posting on 19 Jul 2005 below. Concerns and worries come thick and fast before elections to the PAP; what happens after elections is another matter.)

After elections:

"A growing number of Singapore children are not being sent to school because their cash-strapped parents claim they cannot afford to pay for education. Ministry figures show 1921 children did not register for Primary 1 classes in 1999, up 244 on 1997 figures. "
- Reuters, Mar 3, 2002

"More parents seeking help to pay school fees."
- Straits Times Jun 17, 2002

"About 10,000 students received financial help from the Ministry of Education in the first six months of this year, almost three times that for the whole of 1999. The Starits Times School Pocket Money Fund, which gives students $30 or $50 a month, is also helping 2,000 more students this year, nearly 40 per cent more than last year's 5,500."
- Straits Times, Aug 11, 2003

"Thousands can't pay utility bills, many face power cut."
- Straits Times, Apr 12, 2003

"Desperation is forcing some people to ask for personal loans on the internet ... they are asking strangers for anything between $500 and $30,000."
- Straits Times, Apr 14, 2002

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs?
23 Aug 05

During elections:

"SDP's plan 'causes higher unemployment.'"
- George Yeo in Straits Times, Oct 29, 2001

"Top task for PM - to save and create jobs. There is one thing on Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong's mind these days : jobs, jobs, jobs."
- Straits Times, Oct 26, 2001

After elections:

"Numbers for the first three months indicate that unemployment - now at a 15 year high - will get worse before it improves."
- Straits Times, May 1 2002

"Gone forever: 42,000 jobs in Singapore. Why: high costs here; the recession; business restructuring."
- Straits Times, June 17 2002

"The proportion of Singaporeans who are unemployed for at least 6 months is the worst in 10 years."
- Straits Times, Sept 15 2002

"Fewer jobs as gloom hits economy. 84,300 people could not find jobs last month."
- Straits Times, Nov 1 2002

"By year end, unemployment should rise to 5.5 per cent ... a recent MOM survey says that three in 10 of the jobless are sole breadwinners which means more than 30,000 families could be living off retrenchment benefits, savings and any odd jobs they can snag."
- Straits Times, Nov 23, 2002

Compassion only during elections 10 Aug 05

During elections:

"Build compassionate meritocracy : PM"
- Straits Times, Oct 27 2001

After elections:

"CDCs are not welfare agencies: PM"
- Straits Times, Jan 6, 2002

"If these patients want to treat hospitals like a hotel, then they'll have to be charged hotel rates."
- Minister Lim Hng Kiang, Straits Times, March 1,2002, on cutting off subsidies for hospital overstayers who "are likely to be older than 60, with no income, or are from families with incomes below $1000."

"I regret making the decision because, in the end, the baby continued to be in intensive care, and KKH now runs a bill of more than $300,000."
- Lim Hng Kiang on how he regretted intervening to admit a premature baby into KKH, Straits Times, May 21, 2002

"Family bathes in public toilet because the water supply has been reduced to a trickle and the electricity disconnected. 'I have no money even to buy candles.'"
- Retrenched worker Mdm Dilaram, Straits Times, Apr 12, 2003

"Power supply is not a welfare organisation."
- DPM Lee Hsien Loong, Straits Times, Mar 13, 2003

"More than 3000 Singaporeans have applied for a government assistance scheme in the first two weeks of the year ...but no one has qualified."
- Straits Times, Jan 26, 2003

Goh understands our concerns 19 Jul 05

During elections:
"I know you are worried about your job and your family's future. I understand your concerns.”
- PM Goh Chok Tong, Straits Times, Oct 20, 2001

After Elections:
“Layoffs not all bad. If there are no retrenchments at all, then I worry for Singapore.”
- PM Goh Chok Tong, Mar 22, 2003

PAP not Pay and Pay? 3 Jul 05

During elections:
"What it means is that government will have to tax and tax and you will have to pay and pay. If you don't want a Pay and Pay government, better don't vote for the opposition. Vote for the PAP."
- DPM Lee Hsien Loong rebutting opposition's economic proposals, Straits Times, Oct 29 2001

After elections:
"This is the medicine, take it."
- DPM Lee Hsien Loong on the GST hike, CNA, May 15, 2002

Goh wanted alternatives?
26 Jun 05

During elections:
I would want to form an alternative policies group in Parliament, comprising 20 PAP MPs. These 20 PAP MPs will be free to vote in accordance with what they think of a particular policy. In other words, the whip for them will be lifted. This is not playing politics, this is something which I think is worthwhile doing."
- PM Goh Chok Tong, Straits Times, Nov 3, 2001

After elections:
"If you sing Jailhouse Rock with your electric guitar when others are playing Beethoven, you are out of order. The whip must be used on you."
- PM Goh Chok Tong in report "Not in people's interest to lift whip", Straits Times, Apr 6, 2002

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